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Dive into the world of homegrown, juicy tomatoes with our easy-to-follow guide. Whether you're a balcony gardener or you've got a sprawling backyard, this course is packed with practical advice to help you nurture your plants from seed to harvest. We'll cover it all, from selecting the right variety for your climate to the secrets of proper watering, sunlight, and soil management. Along with battling pests and diseases, you'll learn to support your growing plants to maximize space and boost yield.

Imagine the satisfaction of plucking sun-warmed tomatoes right off the vine for your summer salads and sauces! By the end of our sessions, not only will you be equipped with the know-how to produce a bountiful crop, but you'll also gain the confidence to apply these techniques to other garden ventures. Plus, we'll touch on the health benefits and the joy of sharing your harvest with friends and family. Transform your thumb from green to tomato-red as you become the envy of the neighborhood with your lush, vibrant plants.

What you will learn

I started this course from a passion for home gardening and a special spot in my heart for those juicy, ripe tomatoes we all love. You know, there’s something incredibly satisfying about plucking that perfect fruit right off the vine. I’ve carefully designed each lesson with the beginner in mind, breaking down the steps into digestible chunks so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Picture this: a road map for your gardening journey, where each turn is clearly marked with practical tips and tricks, making the process as rewarding as the harvest. You’ll find the layout intuitive and each section builds on the last, making sure you're not just growing tomatoes, but also your confidence and skills as a gardener. I've really made it my mission to ensure that by the end of our time together, you'll be well-equipped to cultivate a bounty of these red beauties in your own backyard.

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Your instructor

Greetings, fellow tomato enthusiasts! I’m Rick Stone, and my life revolves around transforming seeds into bountiful harvests. As a fervent gardener I've been nurturing my own backyard garden for over a quarter of a century, I've discovered the joys and challenges of gardening My little garden yields anywhere from 800 to 1100 pounds of veggies each season, not to mention cultivating a flourish of flowers that add a splash of color to life. My hands-on experience has honed an expertise in not only growing robust seedlings but also mastering the art of year-round garden through the innovative use of cold frames and hoop houses, defying the limitations of zone 6 climates.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge from the Utah State University Master Gardener program and 25 years of gardening, my foray into educating began by sharing the foundational principles and seasonal secrets of successful gardening. Throughout the past decade , my online gardening school has become a virtual classroom for thousands students, cultivating a community passionate about gardening. In this course, "Growing Tomatoes - A Simple Guide to a Great Harvest," I'll connect each lesson to the earthy experiences of our shared passion, guiding you to sow, nurture, and harvest tomatoes that are as rewarding to grow as they are delightful to taste. Join me on this journey to make your garden both a source of pride and produce.


Unveiling the Secrets to an Abundant Tomato Yield with Ease


Cultivating Your Own Lush Tomato Garden for Maximum Produce


Master the Art of Tomato Gardening for a Professional-Grade Crop